488 N-Largo Spider

488 N-Largo Spider

The Ferrari is a 488 Spyder, which was ordered brand new, specifically for this build; spec’d and built by Ferrari with every option you could ever want for a build of this caliber. It features a bespoke red interior, which adds another dimension to the already incredible experience that this custom 488 brings.

The exterior has been completely reimagined with the help of Novitec Group with their full carbon fiber N-Largo widebody kit. It’s a kit that takes the already gorgeous Italian styling – featured in this mid-engine twin-turbo spyder – and turns it up to 1,000%. The car was then finished in a factory pure white pearl paint, which helps to bring out the incredible amount of detail that the Novitec kit brings. After it was fitted and custom molded with quality and detail that surpasses both Novitec and Ferrari’s original expectations with this car.

What also differentiates this particular N-Largo Spyder – 1 of just 11 built worldwide – is the custom-designed Alpha One Wheels that were designed and built specifically for this build. Where everyone else chooses to use the N-Largo wheels that come with the kit, we went above and beyond building custom 3-piece carbon fiber lipped wheels to really set our build apart from the rest.

Along with the rest of the kit, Novitec Group also supplies a full exhaust and software tuning for the car, which brings a level of performance that matches the car’s incredible looks, and surpasses what anyone else thought was possible to extract from Ferrari’s mid-range supercar. To finish off the build, we added a Capristo clear glass engine cover to display the heart of the beast, which lights up red to highlight the gorgeous twin-turbo V8, which powers this prancing horse.