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Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
Who takes a $280,000, V-12 Ferrari and laces it up like this one? Ultimate Audio of course! With all the other whips in his stable extensively modified by Ultimate Audio, this rare Ferrari wasn't quite "special" enough for one of our clients. To give this Ferrari that special feeling we added a Tubi race exhaust, 19 & 20" NC Forged wheels with custom floating Ferrari center caps, and a custom stereo install. The trunk is filled with Kicker components and Stinger interconnect. The enclosure was custom fabricated to emulate the dashboard and make room for 3 Kicker 8" CVR subwoofers. Custom etched plexiglass panels, cover the side panels and light up beautifully at night. Inside, the dash was modified to house the Kenwood unit and radar detector. Custom built door panels finish off the stereo and hold Kicker SS components. Now, this Italian red head is "special" enough to hang out in the garage with all of its stablemates. If you see a red blur scream past you like an F1 car with a booming system, look for the floating center caps. If you see horses, its probably this very special Ferrari.

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