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Chevy Impala SS
Chevy Impala SS
We put the super back into super sport with this one. Kenard Lang of the Cleveland Browns commisioned us to build him the baddest Impala SS around. To make sure there was no doubt about which car was king of the street we stuffed a 502 Ram Jet big block under the hood. We couldn't just leave it alone so we chrome plated everything. We followed that up with a Jet Performance transmission, custom driveshaft, and a narrowed 9" rear end. Why would we narrow the rear end? So we could fit the 22x11 NC Forged wheels under the fenders and still keep the car nice and low. The rear wheels feature a 6" deep dish and the front rides on 20" wheels all wrapped in BFG tires. Behind the wheels you will find the biggest baddest brakes that Baer Brakes makes. To clear everything and keep the car low, we mini tubbed the rear fenders, and raised the driveshaft tunnel. All those mods are covered by the suede interior and custom Kicker stereo. Kicker SX amps, SS speakers, and Solobaric subs make for a loud, clean, and clear stereo. A custom dash with digital guages and K40 hidden radar keep Kenard on top of the vitals. We installed heated seat massagers to help massage away the pain after a hard game, to round out the interior. To clean up the exterior we made a custom hood and molded in a cat eye grille. Smooth bumpers help clean up the outside and the smoked lights give it a real stealthy look.

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