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Nissan GTR
Nissan GTR
Godzilla got some new shoes! Custom built 21" Vellano concave wheels look perfect in a matching brushed and polished two tone finish. Carbon fiber lips on the wheels accentuate the other carbon bits found throughout. The rears measure a massive 12.5" wide with steam roller sized 355 series Pirelli tires. The lowered suspension slings the body down low over the impressive rolling stock. Up front we added a second set of LED lights to match the originals and built a custom splitter/ spoiler combo in aluminum and carbon fiber. The rear spoiler also received a carbon fiber overlay to match the carbon naca ducts, side vents, rear exhaust trim, and wheels. We wrapped it all up with custom painted trim and grille. Stay tuned for the second round of upgrades when we pop the hood and really get to work!

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