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69 Camaro Gallery 1
69 Camaro Gallery 1
This 69 Camaro looks absolutely stunning thanks to endless hours of metal tweaking, innovative details, flawless body work, and an incredible paint job . The exterior features flush fit front and rear windows, tucked bumpers, a molded trunk spoiler, and a custom fabricated front lower spoiler. The rear quarter panels have functional vents and are notched to clear the side exit exhaust system. Out back the tucked rear bumper, billet tail lights, molded rear spoiler, and flush fit rear window, along with crisp body lines give a clean modern look to this classic. Out front the cowl induction hood, custom billet grilles, tucked bumper, and aggressive custom built front spoiler give this monster a mean look that is the perfect blend of classic and modern. To top it all off we coated it in a sick shade of green.

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