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Mercedes Benz CLS63
Mercedes Benz CLS63
This Benz is sinister! Before we sent this bad boy to Iceland to break all types of Geneva Convention rules, we added some major power and style. For starters we added Kleemann headers, 100 cell count cats, Eisenhaus race exhaust, and a custom ecu tuned to run on 110 octane fuel. We were able to get 30 horses and 65 ft lbs of torque at the wheels! To keep track of the newfound power we added a Brabus instrument cluster recalibrated to 400 km/h. To harness all the power we installed 8 piston and 4 piston Brembo brakes with massive rotors and wrapped them with custom built 20" NC Forged wheels in a satin black finish. The Michelin man stepped in to make sure all the grip gets to the ground. The factory aluminum fenders were modified to extract heat from the engine bay and add some aggressive styling. All of the chrome trim on the vehicle has been painted flat black to achieve the evil look on this car. Smoked lights out back and painted headlight housings help finish this effect. So if you're ever in Iceland and see this thing in your rear view, do your self a favor and move over.

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